Show your support for great living and working with healthy refreshments at work

Bring wellness to your business
Healthy fruit and nut selections

Nutritious grab and go snacks

Now days, refreshment doesn’t have to mean bad-for-you thanks to the increasing selection of delicious, nutrient-rich food and beverages

Ensuring your Northeast Indiana business gets the best healthy vending machines

Healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days. Help them stay on that road of wellness with nutritious and wholesome snacks, food, and drinks.

Gain access to a registered dietician for your questions through our Choice Plus program
Choose from a huge variety of nutritious, healthier snacks, food, and beverage
Our Choice Plus logo ensures employees know which items are better-for-you
Healthier employees are more productive and can lower insurance costs

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We’ve selected products that combine trendy flavors with nutritious ingredients for the best in healthy snacking.

Empower your employees with a more wellness-focused break room courtesy of Anthony Wayne Vending
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