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staff and visitors at their best

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Gourmet salads to hand crafted sandwiches

Better food vending machines in the Northeast Indiana area.

Food vending from Anthony Wayne Vending isn’t the food vending of old. Our entrees and fresh food snacks are created to be delicious and just whant you want, from low carb to all natural.

Opt for better food
  • Fresh Food

    Made locally at our in-house commissary with attention to food safety and approved by the FDA

  • Customized Selections

    Get just the right food options in your food vending machine by personalizing the menu at your site

  • Employee Benefit

    Save employees time and money by ensuring they have the food options they want right in the break room

  • Productivity

    Satisfy hunger pains on-site so employees can get refreshed, energized, and back to work with gusto

Proud to be local. Proud to be fresh.

Fresh food means it has to be made locally. That is why Anthony Wayne Vending proudly prepared food in our local in-house commissary. Being local means we can get better ingredients, cook or create the entrees, and delivery them to customers right away. The facility is approved by the FDA and adheres to the strictest codes of food safety. Items come in a variety of selections including healthy food options.

Wide variety of fresh food

Rotate through our vast selection of food for your Northeast Indiana workplace or customize the selections for the best fit.

Offer more than the basics in your break room and elevate the entire experience with food vending from Anthony Wayne Vending
800-501-2000 and info@anthonywaynevending.com.

Our service area includes but not limited to the following areas: Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Kendallville, Columbia City, Huntington, Bluffton, Decatur, Wabash, Butler, Ashley, and North Manchester